Cloud backup and monitoring for Tarantool DB Coming soon

We do the cloud service for Tarantool. Leave your email and we will notify you about the start.

Backups and monitoring for Tarantool in a single cloud solution

The solution includes two components: a special agent to install on any node of the Tarantool cluster — and a personal account page that will display backup status, metrics and current problems with the cluster.

Reducing the risk of loss

We create backups using a special agent, encrypt and transfer the data to our cloud. If necessary, we can compress the backups to save space.

Storing the data

All data is encrypted locally. So everything we transfer to the cloud server is encrypted. Backups are stored within the Mail.Ru infrastructure.

Controlling the state

Our monitoring tools will notify in case of low memory or disk space, replication issues, or database overload.

Carrying out an audit

We can help you:

  • Detect low-activity data if you need a cleanup

  • Measure request performance and give optimization tips

  • Show query paths within the cluster, calculate query execution time and roundtrip time


  • Customizable backup schedule
  • $1 per gigabyte of storage
  • Unlimited quantity of instances
  • Metrics/alerts/audit